Friday, January 21, 2011

Failure To Maintain

Morals:   purity,   compassion,   honesty,   justness,   integrity,   honor,   faith,   ect.

We are all immoral.

Sit . . . lie. Swear you'll change. Make promises to yourself. You won't even think about it. Swear that's the last time. Your better than that. You wont. . .

Whatever 'it' was, youll do it again. Just once (you'll think). Could be you'll pick another 'it'. You'll think your making progress. But the 'it's' will haunt you. They don't go away. Each one only multiplies to taunt you; tease your senses, bait your weakness'.

Is staying away worth the constant thought, the longing, the emptiness? Could 'it' compel these emotional circumstances? Yet even more pressing: does one actually make gain from a perfect morality?

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