Monday, January 17, 2011


2. (usually lowercase) a person, as an artist or writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices
  Punk era, where did you go?
  What happened to the rebelious youth everyone was tired of but secretly inspired by? The kids in tight jeans, studded belts, & various leather pieces? Their piercings were offensive. Language: crude. Tension: high. Yet passion raced through their vains..
  Authority was more than watchful; parents prayed that their sons and daughters wouldn't fall into the 'trend'. The visual aggression each punk kid radiated put people on edge. Perhaps that was their fuel.
  They, began the friend-family. They showed us that friends wernt to be casually used and dumped. Friends were of a higher significance. You stood by them no matter what. Support&Acceptance. You faught for friends, cried with them, protected them, died by their side for them if nessicary. Battles wernt avoided because there was no threat, the alliance you'd built would stand by you; save you and pick up any misplaced pieces for you. 
  Punk wasnt just a style. It wasn't about the liberty spikes, ultra-urban music or the 'start something' persona. Punk was about pushing limits, youths testing themselves, & the fight for independence on your own terms. Punk was about recognizing the unappreciated and creating an intense appretiation for it. This included art ,friendships, music and relationships alike.
  Was it a coincidence that as soon as kids desired diversity in their appearance parents started fearing what they might become? Rebellious. Angry. Stubborn. Maybe negative responses were caused by parental restritions. Perhaps the reaction of authority caused the distance & rebellion. Punk became a target of negativity.
  What was the peer reaction like? I wish id been present and had the ability to tell you. But, honestly, kids dont change. Sure, over decades they've become slighty more accepting. But mostly youth is a bunch of judgmental pukes each on a high horse of their own. A few old souls tossed in along with those arresting the maturity level of a jumping bean....and now, now you've got a solid mix.
  I would tend to think kids either loved the idea and began to live the life style for themselves or hated it and began talking about how much they loathed it, disassociating themselves from punk individuals & eventually causing conflict. Not to say the end result punk persona didn't welcome the agression but they didn't fight it either. 
  'punk' became a massive support network. Setting trends, pushing limits, fighting for true freedom. Theoretically they were invincible.

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