Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fifteen and a Beauty Queen

I hope you learn that the ability to listen is a virtue
I hope your curiosity peaks in affairs that do not concern you
I hope you see that a whisper is more beneficial a scream
I hope you use you time to benefit intellectually instead of choosing to waste away
I hope you learn vicariously and become humble
I hope you can identify your own beauty without scorning another’s plainness

I hope you enjoy the people around you, they won’t always be
I hope you look for love but do not let it consume your journeys as a person
I hope when you fall in love with someone you let them compliment you and not take over your vivacious spirit
And when a love is lost I pray you do not let the mourning take over your life

"Without self-confidence we are as
babes in the cradle" -Virginia Woolf
I hope you smile more often than you frown
I hope you laugh more than you cry
I hope that you find joy in simplicy but  marvel at complexity
I hope you live out the things you dream of and gain wisdom from your experirnces

I hope that you live the life you hope for now
I hope you find an unknown confidence in yourself
I hope you raise beutiful children and find yourself a good parent
I hope you die regretless

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  1. I hope that this is for yourself.

    Like it long time.