Thursday, August 4, 2011

this moon

tat.tat.tat. tat.tat.tat. the notes. they wake me. shake me, tear me from this deep dark place.
words. raspy, strained, draining words.

I'm so much better than the way I let you treat me. Driving my own sanity away. I failed myself. Letting you in, at all. I'm letting myself out. Done. Game Over. No more thinking of you. Or the non-us. Done with doubting myself. No more settling. ever.
Weakness is all you ever were in me. and now im stronger. some 5 monthes later, im not damaged. im not broken. i'll never feed into you or anyone like you again. mark these words. ive seen the brightness , darkness'll not suffice.

"Sail with me into the dark"

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